Once again, it was an honour to be part of the 2017 NYC Indie Film Festival. I would like to express my greatest appreciation for Dennis Cieri and Bonnie Rush’s vision and dedication to birthing this festival. I would also like to thank the wonderful curators John Andrucci, Gerard van den Broek and especially Daniil Deych for including THREE of MahnoDahno’s films in the roster of spectacular movies. My thanks and appreciation to the entire festival team, Pati Filgueira, Kim van der Sluis and to Maria Akay, whose enthusiasm made this year’s event memorable. And of course I would like to take this opportunity to express continued, deepest appreciation for my amazing friend and videographer Bruce Petschek, whose exceptional mastery, sensitivity and creativity brought MahnoDahno and MahniDahni to life. And last but not least, most heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Craig Najjar, whose caring, astute feedback has been invaluable.

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