WHO IS Fella Cederbaum?

WHO IS Fella Cederbaum?

Fella Cederbaum is the writer and director of 24 short films that feature her poetry, art and musical compositions. Her films, starring her alter-egos MahnoDahno and MahniDahni, have been screened at US and international film festivals, where she has won numerous awards, not only for her films, but also for her scripts, soundtracks and visuals.


She grew up in Germany and England and later moved to Israel, where she attended Hebrew University. After graduating she worked as the deputy director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra. She had a passion for painting, but always considered her art a private affair.   However, this changed, after one of her paintings was featured at the Münchner Stadtmuseum, Germany, as well as published in the companion book to the exhibition.  A series of her paintings  -  she now calls them her Holocaust Series -  was presented along with excerpts from her soon to be published book That’s Why, which depicts the transgenerational, tragic, yet mostly unspoken legacy of the Holocaust. 


For three years Fella Cederbaum’s poetry and music were presented weekly on WABC Radio on the Yola Nash Show. Volumes 1 & 2 of her poetry Of Life And Other Such Matters have received great recognition and endorsements from many world-renowned personalities, earning kudos from the likes of coaching guru Tony J. Selimi. One of her songs Dance With Me, performed by renowned international Grammy-Winning musicians, is featured and well-reviewed on Yola Nash’s Jazz/Pop album Touched By Love. 


Fella Cederbaum’s thought-provoking debut album Truth And Destiny   -  all written, composed and produced by her  -  was released in November.  Her album has started to gain attention from critics and audiences around the world describing her as a renaissance woman.